Soulis Incident

In a nut shell:

Officer stops a guy stopped in a parking lot, they chat, and all heck break loose.


Remarkably, Palmer had taken 22 hits from Soulis’ .40-caliber Glock, 17 of which had hit center mass. Despite the fact that the weapon had been loaded with Ranger SXTs considered by many to be one of the best man-stoppers available Palmer lived for more than four minutes after the last shot was fired. His autopsy revealed nothing more than a small amount of alcohol in his bloodstream. Although Soulis could not have known it, Palmer was wanted for murder in a neighboring state.


Palmer took an astonishing 22 hits, seventeen of which were to center mass, before succumbing to his wounds, and Officer Soulis was shot four times without suffering any serious adverse effects on his performance. These facts point out why it is so vitally important to understand that bullets don’t always stop their target, even when they strike vital areas in large numbers. While we it is important to be confidence in our firearms and our proficiency in their use, we must accept the fact that they may not incapacitate an assailant as quickly as we would like. We must be prepared to keep shooting until the threat is terminated, move to another location, go for another weapon, or otherwise adapt. Be ready to beat him over the head with your empty gun, gouge his eyes out, or even thrash his throat with your patrol knife, if necessary.Also, keep in mind that if your opponent is hard to stop, so are you. Don’t worry about your wounds, because the odds are incredibly good that you will survive them. Less than ten percent of all gunshot wounds are mortal injuries, and most of those are instantaneously fatal, so it is highly unlikely that you will die if you are still alive after being hit. Human beings are amazingly resilient. They can overcome an enormous amount of punishment, especially if they are committed and have a positive attitude about their ability to heal.

Furthermore, worrying will only distract you from the only thing that really matters – stopping the threat. Keep fighting, and focus on nothing except winning until the threat has been eliminated.

Link to the article: Officer Soulis Incident

Basically, all handgun calibers suck and Central Nervous hits are about the only reliable thing to stop a person.


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