I said I’d do it last night when I got home, however, I had a “Christmas in July” moment and got busy playing with it all. Much apologies!

That’s a 1050 rounds of ammunition, all 115 grn 9mm. 1000 rounds Speer Lawman and 50 rounds Gold Dots. I tried to get some 124 grn +P Gold Dots, however, they were long sold out.


All the above for all that. Really doesn’t seem like a lot does it?

Those eagle eyed readers will notice I bought something that wasn’t on my list, a Lula Uplula mag loader. I’ve been needing a mag loader for a while now and I know they have a great history, so I figured I’d take the plunge and it get one. I’m not at the factory claimed 1 round a second loading time yet, however, I am certainly a little quicker than loading it by hand, and it certainly saves my thumbs.

I practiced a good hour or so last night with the 6070 holster, and I’m slowly but surely getting faster and faster with it. I won’t be as quick as those with CHL holsters, but may be I’ll be quick enough this time not to get in trouble with a KR instructor again.

Back to practicing!


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