Tip jar created!

4 Rules for the tip jar:

1. There is no obligation to tip, so don’t feel pressured like you have to tip.

2. I am going to hold myself accountable for when I dip into the tip jar, meaning I will only dip into it when necessary. Basically, I won’t take the contents of the tip jar and blow it all on strippers at a gentlemen’s club in Austin.

3. As a check to the above, if requested, I will email a list of the following: When I dipped into the jar, why I dipped into the jar, and how much was taken out of the jar. However, if I make a post with the above information, I will link you to that information instead.

4. Reasonable and sensible purchases will be my key for dipping into the jar. A new gun just for a safe queen isn’t sensible. Using part of the tip jar to buy a required new duty gun seems sensible to me.

I know it seems weird to have those 4 rules. My goal in them is wanting to make sure that everyone knows what is going on with the tip jar, and for you to know that your tips are having a positive impact in furthering my life.

With all that said and out in the open, here you go. Click the button, and it will take you to my donation page, “Jay’s Tip Jar”.

Donate using GPal

If the button doesn’t work for you, you can always log onto your GPal and go that way. My GPal is: jay.txgunner@gmail.com.


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