Duty Gear

I am going on Friday to buy my duty gear and ammunition for the Academy.

I’ve got $957 in my bank account. I need to pay for the above, DPS2, and ammo for DPS2.

So, let’s break it down.

This is all of the duty gear I am going to buy:

Duty Belt: $21.95 – Bianchi 8100 PatrolTek™ Web Duty Belt

Duty Belt keepers: $8.95 – Bianchi 8006 PatrolTek™ Belt Keepers

Holster: $96.95 – Safariland 6360 – Beretta 92F – STX Tac

Handcuffs Case: $26.95 – Safariland 90 Low Profile Single Handcuff Pouch

Handcuffs: $22.95 – Smith & Wesson Model 100

Collapsible Baton Holder: $26.95 – Safariland 35 Expandable Baton Holder

ASP Baton: $73.95 – ASP Original Steel Batons 16 – 26″ – 21″, Black Chrome

Double Magazine Holder: $29.95 – Safariland 77 Double Mag Holder STX Finish

Duty Gear Total, Before Taxes – $308.60


1000 rounds, CCI Blazer 124 grn 9mm – $9.99 a box @ 20 boxes – $199.80

5 rounds, 00 or 000 Buckshot, 12 gauge – CCI Speer Lawman – $2.75

Ammunition Total, Before Taxes – $202.75

Combined Total: $511.35

10% discount card: -$51.14

Discounted Total: $460.21

Taxes: $37.96

GT Dist Total – $498.17

DPS 2 – $80

200 rounds 9mm – $47.63

Total for everything – $625.80

So, I’ll have $331.20 left to last me through the end of the Academy.

Friday is going to be an expensive trip…


5 Responses to “Duty Gear”

  1. Where is the GPal Tip Jar, eh Friend?

    Probably couldn’t put much more then a couple of bucks in it but I’d do that.

    This is always something I’ve struggled with — the ‘asking for help v. accepting the help offered’ bit.

    Don’t be too stubborn to give people the opportunity to help you out — it is a service, a joy to give to others; are you willing to deny that chance?

    • I had thought about it, but decided against it.

      I do accept prayers and good will though. ;)

      • Jay,

        You have those in plenty my friend.
        The question becomes why did you decide against it?

        I know I decided against putting up a tip jar when I announced Kimberly’s cancer but that was because we are in a position of not needing financial assistance. Between insurance, family (feeding us is a huge help) and savings we are okay.

        You on the other hand seem to be getting a little stretched thin.

        Now, as someone who received help as a younger person out on his own, I can understand a reluctance to ‘ask’ for help but consider this me asking you to let us help.

  2. Well,

    For me, this whole police academy thing has become something of a rite of passage. I mean sure, this is my second time going through it, but it just feels different this time. I’m paying for everything (except tution), and it’s my responsiblity to do what I need to do to pass and get through it. It has come time for me to move on, do what I need to do to move out and become my own man. I’m not being kicked out or anything, just I know I’m at that point in my life I need to do something, and it is something I need to do on my own.

    I don’t mean to offend or hurt anyone, it’s just how I feel about the situation I am in. I just need to prove to myself that I can do this.

    I do understand your and everyone else’s desire to see me succeed and wanting to help me to do so, however, it is still not something I can accept. Right now, I just need all the good karma and positive waves I can get.

    • Jay,

      I understand and won’t bug you any more about it.

      Been there, done that and couldn’t afford the t-shirt but proved to myself what I needed to prove.

      You’ll do well Sir, that attitude and determination will see you through.

      Good Fortune to you

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