Not really looking forward to next week…

It’s time to buy duty gear (belt, handcuffs, ASP, duty holster, etc), get the ammunition for the Academy’s firearms stuff (1000 rounds, FMJ/JHP, brass/aluminum/nickel cased, no reloads, no remanufactured, 5 12ga shotgun rounds), acquire the ammunition for DPS2, pay my part of DPS2, buy more ‘school’ supplies (pens, paper), and the list goes on.

Why be sad? Simply put, money is going out and nothing is coming in. I need everything above, just slowly sliding back into that realm of being broke with no disposable income.

2 Responses to “Ugh”

  1. Consider it an investment. Most good investments take a little time to make a return on them. You will, just gotta be patient. :-)

    • True.

      But, I’m in a bad mood for some odd reason, so yea, it’s going to be in a negative light no matter what.

      I mean, to tell you how bad of a mood I’m in, my Chinese fortune cookie’s fortune last night was “Life does have do overs, you should try and find a do over for a part of your life.”

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