My grandfather called me and asked me to come over this afternoon.

He said he was proud of me for getting this far in the Academy, and gave me his favorite revolver, a Ruger Security Six in .357 Magnum.

No pictures yet, but it looks a lot like this one:

Just making an educated guess, but how hard do you think it would be IWB carry something like that?

Cause I’m looking at getting a revolver for off duty carry, and that would fit the bill perfectly.

Edit: Bah, hit the wrong button.

Anyway, it’s missing some finish (it is roughly 40 years old), but the barrel, cylinder, etc is in great shape. Instead of wood grips, it’s got a set of black pachmayrs. It feels really good in my hands, like a glove. The trigger is perfect too. Not too long, not too heavy, not too light, just right.

Now I just need some .357 Mag ammo to put through it…


4 Responses to “Speechless”

  1. Bring it with you to DPS2. I am sure I have some 38 and 357 ammo laying around, i just have to ask misbeHaven if I can steal some of hers.

  2. Greetings from Falls County,
    You talk about holster wear like it’s a bad thing. I have always prefered a weapon with character. Such things speak to a history other than sitting in a velvet box. It adds a flavor if you will.
    I am envious, you have recieved a priceless gift. The few weapons I have from my Dad mean more to me than the rest of the weapons in my collection by a mile.
    I have limited experience with the Security Six but as I recall it is a reliable and dependable weapon. If you haven’t fired it before I think you’ll be in for a plesant surprise.


    Get a picture of him with it and him giving it to you.

    Then put both together in a safe place.

    Trust me as an older crotchety fart you will regret not doing this later in life once he is gone. As ABB said a weapon with character speaks to history. Having the history to go with it makes it more valuable to you and one day to your kids.

  4. I’ll echo TGG — get the history of it, get the stories your grandfather can remember.

    My father passed on a Ruger GP-100 and a Tanfoglio GT380. I talked to him about the history of them — one bought to take hunting, one bought to keep in the nightstand – but don’t have pictures of them. Don’t have his written words about them.

    I can pass them on to my kids/grandkids — I just wish I could have the pics to go with them, to keep his memory alive in yet another way.

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