My stomach finally calmed down enough for me to post.

One thing that is interesting, is how much of the Academy material applies to anyone interested in self defense, be it CHL or Martial Arts.

One such topic is observation. If you roll up your windows and put your blinds on, you will miss out on a lot that happens. Being observant all the time does take skill and a little practice, but it is actually something you can train yourself to do.

The next time you go to work or to Walmart, count the number of people wearing watches or that wear glasses. Once you get comfortable with that, add a descriptor to that, like how many sports watches VS dress watches, reading glasses to regular glasses, etc. Then add something to that, like watches and sneakers to watches and flip flops.

What you are doing, is not only increasing your observation skills, but you will also expand your memory along the process. This is useful in case of something happening, like a robbery, kidnapping, etc because one will be better able to describe the person. But the key is, don’t get hung up on one thing.

The chief told us a story about a robbery of a bank in broad daylight down in Brownsville. He said the only description the officers were able to get out of the 10 witnesses was that he was wearing a huge red sombrero. No height, weight, etc, just a huge red sombrero. Why? Because it was so out of the ordinary, that’s all the witnesses focused on. By doing the observation drill, you can learn how to look past stuff like that huge red sombrero.

But even better, you will start to notice other things too, like bulges from a concealed weapon, or how a person favors once side because they have a heavy object attached at their side.

Most importantly, if your keep your head up and looking around, you may be able to recognize trouble and take appropriate actions to save yourself or others before it happens. It would be better to be alive and only saw half of the incident, then to watch it all and end up dead.


One Response to “Observations”

  1. Jay,

    Great ideas about the observation exercises; I’ll certain try some of those.

    I’ve increased my observation — talked about several stories on my blog– and have found it really pays off.

    Pulling into gas stations — how many other cars are there, who is in the parking lot, etc.

    Or driving – who has been following you, what color and make of car next to you

    I’m always looking for ways to improve my memory, thanks again.

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