Here are the pictures KR requested (I think):

Click pictures to make bigger.

That is the best way for me to grip the slide, as I get maximum purchase.

But then that happens. If you can’t tell, the top of the slide ends at the slide serrations.

Slide locked back to show how it rests in my hand. Note the fatty part of the right side of my hand.

If I grip it that way, there is no chance of it getting caught, but I don’t feel like I have a solid grip.

Slide locked open to show no risk of getting hand caught.

One Response to “Caught”

  1. On a full size gun you may find it easier (less painful) to do the horseshoe grip in front of the ejection port, with your thumb running parallel to the slide. That gives you contact with the slide w/ your thumb which gives you a little more power on the slide rack. It’s not the true universal technique that works with every gun model – typically there’s not enough room up front on 3″ bbl pistols to use that technique w/o getting your fingers in front of the muzzle, but with a full size gun it works great.

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