Foggy thoughts

Something to think about…

Many soldiers are overseas, willingly risking their lives day in and day out in the Sandbox to help keep us free. Some pay the ultimate sacrifice.

However, what about those who make sacrifices every day to do the same, right here in our own backyard?

Day in, day out, they willingly risk their lives to help keep us safe, often for very little pay. Instead of love and admiration, they get all sorts of hate and are quick to get drug through the mud. The second you hear one of them screw up, it is all over the news. People, news reporters especially, love to second guess their every move. However, this is something I will touch on again in a bit.

They suffer emotional and mental trauma, scars that one never sees. They see things day in and day out, for most of their lifetimes, that most people couldn’t handle. During Traffic Laws, the DPS Trooper had brought us a 4″ inch thick stack of old 35mm photos of fatality scenes. And it wasn’t all just pictures of adults in the 30s and older. We saw pictures of college students, pretty young girls, kids, limbs, you name it. I won’t go into the details here, but as one fellow cadet said, he already keeps having mental flashbacks to looking at those pictures, and seeing some of the videos that the Trooper showed us.

Anyway, if you can’t tell, I’m talking about police officers. The national statistic is an officer is killed in the line of duty every 57 hours. So far this year, the statistic is an officer is killed every 49 hours.

I talked about the media previously, and found something worth sharing.

The Trooper told us this story, so I will tend to believe it.

The Deputy you are about see had been in trouble with the media over several use of force incidents. The first one, he had drug a woman in her mid-40s out of her vehicle during a traffic stop. He followed his department’s use of force policy, and was cleared of anywrong doing. However, the local media had a field day.

Faster forward in time, same Deputy gets in trouble again. He drew his service pistol on someone (not sure of the story behind that one), and again, department cleared him but the media had a field day.

A few days after that, this happened.

Be warned, this is not for the faint of heart. If you have kids, put on a pair of headphones, or shut the door.

The Trooper told us that because of the trouble the Deputy had gotten in with the media, the Deputy had delayed in doing what he had should’ve done.

Something to think about: The Deputy was 22, which is how old I am.

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