I keep pinching the right part of my left hand between the barrel and the slide of my Beretta. The first time it ever happened was during DPS1 at KR Training. I normally only do it once a practice session, but so far I’ve done it 3 times!

Other than just more practice or buying a new pistol, any recommendations to not get my hand pinched?

2 Responses to “$%#&*(^&*”

  1. 1911’s are bad about pinching the skin between thumb and forefinger. I’ve never had it happen but I’ve not heard anything good about the experience.
    For an unplesant pinching or grabbing firearm it’s hard to beat the M-1 Garand. I had one for years and was convinced it would never happen to me the first time one tried to chamber my thumb. That will clear your sinsuses I’m here to tell ya!

  2. Take a pic of the motion you are making when it gets pinched. Is it getting pinched when you rack the slide?


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