Been practicing some of the tricks and techniques I picked up at KR the last couple of weeks.

And wow, it has made a lot of difference in how I perform. My draws are getting smoother, my time getting on the trigger is quicker, and through lots of dry fire practice, I am getting used to the DA pull.

However, something I really need to work on is the transition from DA to SA, which that is something I can only really tune on at the range.

Now I just need to get my Level 3 holster and start figuring that thing out…


4 Responses to “Practicing”

  1. Or instead of getting used to the DA/SA transition, you could trade in that Beretta for another gun that has a consistent trigger pull. ;-)

    • I’d love to, however, $$$…

      I could try to trade the Beretta in for something like an M&P, and have to start over training wise, or keep using the Beretta and be able to take DPS2.

      • Oh I’m just razzing you. :-) I’d say this tho. If chances are good that no matter where you end up your duty weapon will be DA/SA, then you might as well keep working with the Beretta.

  2. Chances are excellent, if I go somewhere where I have to provide my own duty weapon, it’ll be the Beretta.

    However, if I do get on with a department that provides the duty weapon, then well, I’ll shoot what they issue. ;)

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