More useless facts…

DPS is the only agency in this state that can shoot at a vehicle while in a moving vehicle, a.k.a. Shooting s vehicle off the road.

Departments can get what are called STEP grants from the Texas government. The purpose of these grants are to enforce certain laws, i.e. get 30 seatbelt violations in 2 days, get 4 DUIs in one shift, etc.

Every 57 hours, a police officer is killed somewhere in the U.S.

There are only 2 offenses you can not be arrested for in Texas…speeding and open container. Brake light out? Arrestable. No front license plate? Arrestable. You get the idea.

It is illegal in Texas to display your license plate from the dashboard. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals ruled for it to be legally displayed, it must be displayed on the leading edge of the vehicle.

THAT guy has bought 2 firearms since I lasted posted about him, a Sig P226R in .357 Sig for his Academy pistol, and a Walther PPK/S “just because”…

2 Responses to “More useless facts…”

  1. I like all these “useless fact”… They are interesting since I have only been in Texas for 2 years and was thinking about not putting the front plate on my next car…I rather not test faith on the ticket I might get and on an arrestable offense!

    • The catch is, you’ll never be arrested for something like improper display of front LP, having a brake light out, etc. It’s not worth the time, paperwork, etc of the officer, the jail system, and the magistrate to arrest everyone for something as minor as a Class C violation (i.e. 99.9% of equipment violations).

      About the only Class C you’d ever really be arrested for is Public Intoxication.

      Do they have the legal power to arrest you for it? Sure. But common sense and discretion are going to dictate cite and release.

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