We finished up Traffic laws today, and will spend all day tomorrow reviewing for the test on Monday.

The DPS trooper that is teaching us said we would find equipment and traffic violations all the time.

On the way home from the police academy, I decided to keep my eyes open for license plate violations.

In the 40 miles from the Academy to my house, I found 22 license plate violations.

1 vehicle had no plates front or rear.
2 had obscured license plates.
19 had no front license plate, or the front license plate was incorrectly displayed (i.e. on the dashboard)

I didn’t count improper use of signal, speeding, brake lights and tail lights out, etc.

Would all 22 LP violations been citations? Nope. Some would have been written warnings, some verbal warnings, and some would have been citations. If it was on the dash, verbal warning, if they cop an attitude, written or cite. Missing, written warning, but they could talk their way into a citation.

The one missing both is a cite. The 2 obscure would be verbal, but they can escalate it.

3 Responses to “violations…”

  1. So, why wouldn’t they have been citations?

    • Well…

      The offense is minor in nature, and since most people are hurting from the economy, it is not worth it to cite them, since it may turn into failure to appear which means arrest warrant, etc.

      It is easier to just give them a written warning, since it gets the point across and doesn’t cause undue hardship.

      However, if they have priors for it or talk themselves into it, cite.

      Besides, some of those tend to turn into bigger and better offenses, like drugs, warrants, etc.

  2. I remember talking to my Step Dad about this years ago. His approach was a little different. He determined when he made the stop what they would get, and he stayed with it. He said there were times he was tempted to go ahead and write a loud mouth a ticket, but he stuck to his orginal plan. He didn’t let a cooperative citizen out of tickets if they deserved one. He felt it was important to decide what he was going to do before personalitys got into it.
    I’m not saying his plan was better or worse than yours, just different.

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