Completely Random thoughts

I’ve been doing Academy homework (working on notes, reading the penal code, code of criminal procedure, etc) for the past 3 hours, and wow, my mind is fried. So, please excuse these ramblings…

Read this. If you have already, read it again! As I posted in the comments, that was something I royally screwed up, especially when moving off the X. I was super fast, but only had 1 or 2 hits (if that).

I went to the store Academy yesterday. While walking around, I happened to find my feet shuffling me to the ammo counter (don’t worry, I was willing ;) ). I’ve got 500 rounds of .40 S&W, but only 107 of 9mm, 57 of which is remanufactured ammo that I had left over from DPS1. I figured I needed some more 9mm, and so walked down to that part of the counter. Lo and behold, they had some of their 9mm ammo on sale! Score! I looked, and it was mostly Monarch. Dad has had problems with the 9mm Monarch in the past, so I figured it wasn’t worth it at $10.99 a box. However, I didn’t come away empty-handed. I saw a bunch of 9mm Winchester ammo was on the cheap side too. So, I picked up 2 boxes of this:

For $13.99 a box! The cheapest I’ve been able to find it on the ‘net, is ~$17 a box, so I figured hey, why not grab 2 boxes? It is the ammo designed for use out of my Beretta. Yes, I do know it is loaded to higher pressure than standard 9mm ammo. Yes, I do know it is loaded to +P pressure, which is why I only picked up 2 boxes. I do not plan to make it a steady diet for my Beretta. I’ll blast a box through my Beretta and keep the other for storage.

I also picked up a box of 7.62×39 Monarch ammo for my SKS. A box of 20 for $5.99. It seems like every time I go into Academy I walk out with a box or 2 of it. I mean, sure, I did just hate on Monarch, but Barnaul makes the x39 ammo for Monarch, and I know Barnaul is one of the top-level Russian ammo makers. It’s steel cased, but my SKS is designed for that. Slowly but surely I’m building my stock pile of SKS ammo. I mean, for $6 a box, you really can’t pass that up.

I did look at Beretta mags while I was at Academy, however they only had the awful ProMags for ~$20 or so. I’d much rather spend $50 and get 6 contract over-run USGI M9 mags.

I will be taking the 08/14 DPS2 class at KR Training. Dad isn’t sure if he will be able to do both DPS1 and DPS2 this year, but I will at least be doing DPS2. After that, my next training class will be the Police Academy’s 1000 round week o’ fun at the San Marcos Police Department’s training range. Hopefully with DPS1, DPS2, me practicing techniques from the DPS classes, and doing my own shooting, I’ll be able to take the Top Gun award in our class. I know I’ll have a handicap with the whole ‘DA/SA’ thing whereas everyone else will mostly have Glocks, M&Ps, XDs, etc, but hopefully I’ll be tuned up enough that the DA pull won’t be that much a factor.

I’m going shooting at our range next saturday, the 26th, to blast the rest of the reman 9mm ammo and try out the 9mm NATO out of my Beretta. If I remember to take paper targets, I’ll try to do a range report to see how I am progressing.


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  1. I would of course be very proud if you can snag the Top Gun honors. Other KR Training graduates have been Top Gun in their respective academy classes with Austin PD, Travis County Sheriff, Houston PD and FBI. It would be cool to add you to that distinguished list.

    It’s all about good trigger press. Dry firing, particularly double action starting from the holster or the ready, will pay off tremendously.

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