Been doin’ some at-home firearm practice for the last 30 minutes or so (drawing, dry firing and the like), and started to notice a couple things…

1. What I learned about slowing down and getting it right when it comes to shooting also applies to practice in general. I can draw super duper quick, but it looks bad, I ‘fish’, and end up with a bad grip on the gun. If I slow down and get everything right, it feels much better. I can then start slowly adding speed to my draw. Already, I can tell I’m getting faster with my draw, just by slowing down a little bit and getting it right.

2. The search and assess is hard to practice at home. At the range, when you’ve got all sorts of stuff going on, it is easy to search. However, at home, not so much. But, I’m forcing myself to do it, and with each draw it’s getting easier and easier to do.

3. When practicing, make sure you do so with all your equipment (not just belt + holster, but belt, holster, mag holster, magazines, etc). The weight of having the mag and mag pouch certainly does change things.

4. I really need to buy some of those real weight blue plastic training mags. I started with just an empty mag, but when I added 15 9mm rounds to the mag, and put said mag in the gun, it certainly changed the feel of things.

5. I need to get the Department to hurry up and buy my duty holster! The holster I’m practicing with is just a conceal carry holster, and if the Department buys me a funky Level 3 holster, I need to start practicing with that.

Okay, back to practice!


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