Beretta…POS or freakin win?

As I have blogged in the past, I was given (well, given money to purchase) a Beretta 92F for my duty weapon. At first, I wasn’t too fond of the idea. However, after putting 300 rounds through it and going through DPS1, my opinion is starting to change.

When I first brought it home, it was dirty than all get out. It was seized by a Sheriff’s Department off a thug, carried by a Detective there for a few years, then it was sold to GT, where the Department bought it for me. So, needless to say, it took some doing to clean it up. Seeing how dirty it was, well, didn’t exactly help the sinking feeling I had.

I didn’t have a choice to carry anything else, which made that bad feeling, which was low from the dirt and grime, even lower.

But, I decided that I was going to do the best I could with it and go from there. I cleaned it, then promptly went out to the range and put 100 rounds through it, 50 rounds of Blazer FMJ and 50 rounds of Hungarian MFS FMJ. It ran like a freaking top. I was shooting left, but when Dad shot it, he drilled the target. It was very accurate, even out to 35 yards. Out of 6 shots at ~35 yards, I put 4 on 10″ target. In footage, that string of 6 was done at 105 feet. Not mind blowingly cool, but still pretty sweet that myself with the unfamiliar Beretta could do that. I did my usual gun beating (i.e. loading up a full mag and pulling the trigger as fast as I can), trying to see if I could get it to fail, and nothing. It loaded, fired, and ejected every round. The trigger was smooth throughout the entire pull, even on DA. Sure, the DA pull is ~12lbs, but because it’s so smooth and even, it really doesn’t feel like it. The SA pull is nice and crisp, like that on a high-end 1911.

So, needless to say, my confidence in the Beretta picked up. I came home, field stripped it for cleaning, and gave it another good thorough cleaning.

The next day was DPS1. I have already reviewed the class, so I won’t re-cover it, but the Beretta ran like champ then too. I used remanufactured ammo (professional reloads)  from USA Ammo, and again, never had a single malfunction. Recoil was smooth and even, and did everything the class asked of it. It almost feels like the perfect weight when shooting. Two handed, it’s heavy enough for quick follow-up shots, while not being too heavy to accurately shoot one-handed. Again, accuracy wasn’t quite there, but certainly improved as class went on. I was still shooting a bit to the left.

But, overall, I must admit, I’m starting to like the Beretta. It feels really good in my hand, it shoots great, and just seems like the Energizer bunny…

Just keep going…and going…and going…and going…


6 Responses to “Beretta…POS or freakin win?”

  1. Glad to hear she’s settling in well with you.

    To help with the shooting left, first thing I’d try is verifying the gun. So, set a target at however many yards (15 is probably good enough for this), then set up a benchrest of some sort. Do VERY slow fire… maybe skip the double-action pull and just do the single-action. Point is, slow groups off the bench, single-action so as to minimize pull on the gun. See if doing that for accurate groups yields “left hits” or not. If so, then something’s up with the gun… adjust the sights or whatever may be needed. If she’s hitting dead on, then the “going left” is you.

    And then, it gets back to trigger control. Do some stuff like slow fire groups. Start your practice session with say 10 rounds of slow-fire group shooting at 15-25 yards. Take all the time you need, slow trigger press (and you know what we mean by slow!), go for tight groups. Then do your normal practice. Then at the end of the practice session, end with another slow-fire 10 round group.

    Good luck! Keep her oiled and give her lots of love. :-)

    • I don’t think it’s the gun, since that is part of GT’s QC check, and Dad was amazingly accurate with it, but, it never hurts to check myself. Better to be safe than sorry, and alive then dead right? :P

      I think it’s trigger control. According to 99% of the “corrective chart targets” I’ve seen, my problem is attributed to incorrect trigger finger placement, mostly too little trigger finger.

      But yea, I do certainly need more practice. Just need teh ammo now…


  2. I don’t see any comment about the DA trigger pull or the decocker in your praise for it. I see this problem a lot. People buy the DA/SA guns and then do all their practice with it in SA mode, doing everything possible to avoid the DA pull and the decocker. Go shoot a group where every shot is in DA mode and compare the results to the SA-shot group. Get a timer and do 10 one-shot drills starting with the gun coming to the target from ready in DA mode and in SA mode and report the results.

    $20 off your next class with KR Training says that your times and hits fired in DA mode will be significantly slower and worse than those in SA mode.

    The first shot you fire in a gunfight may be the one that saves your life… or it could be that slow miss that hits an innocent bystander and gives the bad guy time to shoot you.

    • As long as the decocker works, I’m happy with it.

      The DA pull sucks, there is no doubt about that. However, since I got the D spring for it yesterday, it is certainly a lot better (dropped it from 12lbs to a tad over 8lbs). I’m fixing to head out to the range and give the new springs a run.

      You are right, and if I had a choice I’d have an M&P9. However, I just have to train and do the best I can with what I’m given.

      Which, apply that $20 to DPS2 please.. :-P

  3. I’ve never had the pleasure of shooting the Beretta 92F so really can’t weigh in here on the weapon. I tend to be pretty hardcore on the 1911. Having said that, before making friends with it I was pretty hardcore revolvers. That was my early training.
    From what I’ve seen and read my only real gripe with the Beretta 92F is the cartridge. Again, that’s personal prejudice. I know for a fact a well placed 9mm dose a lot of damage.

  4. Charles Dunn Says:

    I have both a 92A1 and a couple of 1911’s and I love them all, just for different reasons.. The 92A1 fits my hand so perfectly I am amazed every time I pick it up. I love the 17+1 round magazine capacity, and how crisp the weapon is to shoot. It’s easy to bring the weapon back on target after recoil and quickly acquire a good sight picture. All in all I have no real complaints about the 92A1.. I like having the option of the rail under the barrel. I don’t hang anything on it right now, but I like having the option.. I am still relatively new to handguns (been a long gun guy forever) but the 92A1 is really something.. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my 1911’s, and carry a full size Springfield 1911-A1 for home defense.. Just have room in my heart for more than one.. lol

    Great blog btw,..

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