Just woke up from a nap (actually still laying in bed), and had this idea about getting into reloading. I know getting started is expensive, but I am going to be training a lot more, which will save on costs. Plus, it is a great way to burn a Saturday afternoon. Set up and pop ammo out.

I have a local place to test loads out, and I believe Dad still has a bunch of his reloading stuff from the late 90s, so it wouldn’t be too hard to do…

Any cautions or advice?


2 Responses to “Reloading”

  1. Ha ha ha… you’re going to get suckered in just like I did. :-)

    Actually, I quite enjoy it. There’s cost savings (at the expense of time), the advantage of being able to have exactly the ammo you want. And it’s a fun hobby.

    If Dad’s got reloading gear, that may be the best way to get started. Take inventory of what he’s got and go from there.

    John & Karl @ KR are fantastic resources for getting started. They helped me out tremendously (and still do). Tho, I went against the grain and got a Hornady Lock N’ Load AP instead of a Dillon 650.

  2. I have never regreted getting into reloading. Powder, or a brick of primers is expensive. On the other hand you will be spreading those expenses over 1000 plus rounds if you are loading for handguns.
    A lot of folks think they have to get a progressive press. You can get lots of mileage out of a single stage. If your Dad reloaded you have a “Guru” to field questions. If space is a concern there Lee makes a hand press I can highly recomend. My travel reloading set fits in a attache case including press, dies for one caliber, components and a powder measure.
    You will find a great deal of enjoyment in this.

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