THAT guy!

It seems in every cadet class, there is a “that guy”. This is the guy that always seems to know the most about pistols and holsters, and tries to beat ‘his way is the best way’ into everyone.

No matter what you know or where your information comes from, your wrong.

For instance, he said in Texas, unless you have a CHL, you can NOT legally keep a loaded pistol in your car. Of course, I was quick to correct this fact, in which he said I didn’t know what I was saying and I would only get people arrested! The director walked in the room about that time and set him straight on how it was legal.

Whenever we have down time in class, that’s all he will talk about. The problem is, and why I don’t consider him a ‘gun nut’, is unless you own an XD in .45, you just wasted your money. 9mm is for whimps who can’t shoot .45, .40 is for idiots cause its a hyped up magic Hollywood bullet. There is no room for letting people enjoy what they want in the caliber they want. And don’t get him started on how worthless and antiquated revolvers are…

And to make it better, since I have been shooting the longest out of everyone in the class, he wants to be buddy buddy with me, but, when he is around me he is quick to point out ‘Its quality not quantity’. Meaning I have a lot of years shooting, but it doesn’t count since I have not been taught by a professional, and I don’t have any shooting sports experience.

But me? I am going the cool and confident route. I give out some advice and fix really bad errors and mistaken facts, but that is really about it. I prefer to go to the range and let the holes in my target speak for me. If they ask for my opinion I will gladly tell them what I think, but I certainly don’t best them over the head with it.

Besides, the firearms portion isn’t until September, so we have quite a ways to go…


3 Responses to “THAT guy!”

  1. There’s always one. :-)

    But you’re taking the right approach. Just let him be. Reality will speak for itself.

  2. I have found that the best way to get people to listen to my opinions about guns is to (a) shoot a whole lot better than they do and (b) be able to improve their shooting by changing their equipment and technique.

  3. They are everywhere. Who says he will still be a cadet by the time you get to the firearms section. Sounds like deadwood looking for an ax to me.

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