Some of the cadets and myself were hanging out in the parking lot after class today, just shootin’ the breeze and relaxing, when a rather interesting topic of conversation came up. I didn’t say anything, just sat back and listened, but it got the wheels turning.

In the Academy, you have 2 ways of entry, agency sponsored and self sponsored. Self sponsored cadets pay their way (kinda like college), whereas agency sponsored cadets have their way paid by their hiring agency. Self sponsored cadets aren’t guaranteed a job out of the academy, where the agency sponsored cadets are.

I am in a weird position though, which typically happens later in the Academy. I started off as self sponsored, since I paid tuition and other fees, however, I have since been picked up by a department, which changes me to agency sponsored, but, for the Academy, since I paid tuition, I’m self sponsored. It’s one of those you are, but you aren’t type of deals.

Any who, with grades starting to become a factor as we begin to take more tests, some people aren’t doing so hot.

Which brought up the question, If you’re a self sponsored cadet, and an agency sponsored cadet fails out or is kicked out, is it ethically/morally okay to apply for their old position?

For instance, if I got kicked out of the Academy, would you apply for my position at the department?

Something to think about…


2 Responses to “Ethics”

  1. Jay,

    Did you do anything to get the sponsored student kicked out? Did you fail in some task that contributed to his/her leaving the academy?

    If not, then I think it would be acceptable to apply for the job. It is a competition of equals in a sense. You have as much of a chance to be dropped as the other guy.

    Unless the sponsor specifically stated they are going to hire Person X and only Person X, then I don’t see the harm.

  2. harp1034 Says:

    If someone flunks out then there is an opening. You need a job? Apply for it. You look out for Number 1 because nobody else will.

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