GT Distributors Run!

I’ve heard a lot about GT Distributors in Austin, so I decided to make the trip up there to check them out. I needed another pair of pants for the academy, so it was a great excuse to go.

And wow, what a store! They don’t sell everything in the showroom that they do on the website, but still, it’s a fantastic place to visit and just walk around.

The prices they have are reasonable too. Normally stores tend to have their prices jacked way up compared to other online stores, but not GT. The price you see on the website is the price you pay in the store.

They had a massive ammo selection. Not just common LE calibers too (9mm, .40, .357 Sig, and .45), but other calibers like .25 auto, .32 acp, .38 spl, and to my surprise, a loaded shelf of .380 auto ammo!

I went up to the gun counter, chit chatted with a couple of the guys there, and they were willing to let me hold and mess with the pistols they had, even though I wasn’t LE (I didn’t tell them I was a Cadet).

I checked out their used pistol selection, and damn! LE-trade in Glocks for ~$300, they had a cherry Beretta 92 for $379, 4 H&K USPs in .45 Auto for around $515, and the one I’m going to pick up (if it’s still there in a month [more on this in a bit]), a Sig P226 with 3 mags for $445, plus several used snub-nosed revolvers and pocket automatics.

The catch? L.E. only. However, as a cadet, I do qualify as for their L.E. discounts.

I know I’m going against the advice TxGunGeek and KR (of KR Training fame) gave me in getting the P226, however, I don’t have a choice. It’s out of my hands. I’m not allowed to say why it’s out of my hands (OPSEC), but I’m sure you can figure out why I’m not allowed to talk about it. At least I am allowed to stick with Arthur’s advice about common caliber.

We can sit here and argue about DA/SA vs DAO vs SAO, however, this is the world of LE. What works and what is required is often 2 different things, and nothing any of us say is going to change it. I realize the difficulties behind DA/SA, but the only thing I can do is train, train, train and perform to the best of my abilities with what I have to use. Does I not agree with it? Sure! But, in the end, not my decision.

Anyway, if you love to shoot and live in the Austin area, certainly go by GT Dist and check them out. It’s not all L.E. only stuff, as anyone can buy their mag pouches, holsters, etc. Most of the clothing is the “tacti-cool shoot-me-first” 5.11 stuff, but they do have other stuff. And to make things even better, they have a sewing area set up too. There was an off duty cop buying a shirt and some “POLICE” patches to put on said shirt, and they hand sewed it on for him free of charge. It’s cool that they offer stuff like that for free. It goes to show how much they care!

I will admit, I did buy one of these:

I realize it is one of the 5.11 “tacti-cool” shirts, but it was just too cool to pass up.


One Response to “GT Distributors Run!”

  1. No problems here, we understand that some things are required not because they make sense but because that is what is required.

    When I get back from Vacation (MT and CO) we’ll need to get together and get you tuned up for the academy.

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