Scratch One

I went to Hobby Lobby this past weekend with Mom to pick up some stuff she needed. Anyway, as we were going in, I noticed this sign they had posted by the front door:

Click to embiggen if you can’t read it.

So, by entering “the premises”, you automatically agree to lose your 4th Amendment Rights (unreasonable search and seizures). Even if you park your vehicle in the parking lot (which is in a shopping plaza) and walk to another store, according to that, since your on “the premises”, they automatically retain the right to search your vehicle.

As we were leaving, I saw the store manager and asked her about this policy. She said it is a safeguard against shoplifters and those who seek to break the law. I off-handedly asked her, “How can you take away one of my rights, guaranteed to me by the Bill Of Rights and the Constitution?” She said that Hobby Lobby is a private business, on private property, and is “different”. I couldn’t let that go. I quipped, if that’s the case, then does that mean you can take away my right to Free Speech? Due Process? If you can suspend one of my rights, why can’t you suspend all of them? Does that mean I can go home and create all the rules I want, since it’s my private property? She repeated the bit about shoplifters again. At that point, I told her I would never do business with Hobby Lobby again, and will be calling that city’s District Attorney about this violation of my civil rights and left.

Now, I didn’t yell, get angry, cuss, etc. I was very polite and calm, but I am serious about the District Attorney bit. I am calling them Monday during my lunch break. I don’t see how they can just suspend my civil rights just because they feel like they can.

If you shop at Hobby Lobby, I suggest you see if that sign is posted at your store. I’m scratching Hobby Lobby off my list of stores I’ll shop at, and I hope you do the same.


2 Responses to “Scratch One”

  1. Greetings from Falls County,
    I don’t go there often, and won’t if I see that sign. I do think I will repeat your conservation with the manager. I would add to it having a talk with the merchants and property owners about if they want Hobby Lobby taking this approach with every customer that enters their parking lot.
    When working for “a well known leather supplier” they sent out statements for us to sign that basically signed away just about any right you have ever had. Sexual harrishment and descrimation just to name two. We also couldn’t sue if injured on duty. Being sure I couldn’t be reading this right I checked with my lawyer. His comment was “I will break your arm if you try to sigh this.”
    They said anyone who didn’t sign would be fired. We did actually have fools that signed it! Most didn’t, none were fired. It astounds me what folks will try to get away with.

  2. Michaels is better and they even have one or two items that aren’t made in China.

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