Pistol for the academy

As I’ve blogged about in the past, I’ve had trouble trying to decide on what pistol I wanted for the police academy.

Karl and TXGungeek, both of KR Training fame, and Arthur, offered some excellent advice and helped narrowed my decision as to what to get.

I’ve decided on a Sig P226R in .357 Sig! Just kidding….

I’ve decided on a Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm. It looks like this:

So, why the M&P in 9mm?  I mean, I started off with a P220R DAK in .45 and ended up with that.

Simple. The M&P is a straight forward, reliable design, easy to shoot, and more accurate than I will ever be. It’s actually one of the most accurate service pistols too. The 9mm is an excellent round to train with, since it’s cheap and ammunition is plentiful. Plus, as I discovered with my most recent “Ballistics” article, penetration and shot placement are key. The 9mm as a round scores excellently in both categorys, and the M&P9 can hold 17+1 of the suckers.


4 Responses to “Pistol for the academy”

  1. CONGRATS, now I just need to make time when we can get together and get you tuned up with the new gun.

    • I haven’t bought it yet, as I won’t qualify for an LE sale until I start the academy on the 17th.

      But yes, as soon as I get it and can function test it, your my next email. ;)

  2. Good choice!

  3. Greetings from Falls County,
    Delighted to be of assistance. Keep up the good work.

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