Linky love

2 new links added to ye olde blogroll, so feel free to pop over and give them a read:

First one is Guns and Ammo by Aaron Spuler. I’ve recently started reading his blog (when I get the chance to actually read blogs :( ), and his is a really good read. I look forward to reading it daily!

And the second one, well, I’m going to tell on myself. I’ve been reading this particular blog for quite some time, and he’s left more than a handful of comments here. However, I simply just hadn’t added his wonderful site to the blogroll. I don’t know why, as I read it every time I get the chance, but, I’m willing to say sorry and add him to the list! So, I’m very very sorry for the late add, but visit Art over at Art’s Place!


One Response to “Linky love”

  1. I just found Aaron’s place myself, didn’t realize he was a Texas Blogger until he asked me to move him on my blog roll.

    Man, Texas is a great place for bloggers.

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