Oh wow!

I’m back, sort of…

I’m getting back into the swing of the things, and have a fairly set schedule for the next couple of days, so, except more blogging.

I got accepted into the police academy, and am waiting for the official acceptance from them before I start my buying frenzy ($1500 in duty gear, pistol, ammo, etc).

I’ll spend tomorrow reading blogs, commenting, and reading my email, so if you see a new comment on an old post, well, it’s me. :P


5 Responses to “Oh wow!”

  1. Congrats JAY!!!!!

    I know this has been a long time coming for you and all I can say is great job!!!

  2. Great news about the academy Jay, and best wishes.

    I comment on old post all the time and am always delighted when I find a new comment on one of mine.

    It’s nice to see you back but don’t beat your self up too much about down time. First, I can’t throw rocks on that score. Second, you have to have a life to blog about. I’m looking forward to a blogers eye view of a police academy.

  3. YEEHAW. Congrats on acceptance into the academy. I’ll be keeping an eye out on your blog… got it linked from mine.

  4. Thanks guys!

    I’m excited about starting.

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