I know, I know

I’m supposed to be blogging daily, but pfff, as you can tell, I’ve been a bad boy and not keeping up with it. Stupid Wal-Mart…

I’ve got a major article in the works, something…a little different from the norm. I’ve got a lot of reading and note taking to do (Thanks GunGeek!), so it’ll be some time before it’ll be posted.

Entrance into the Police Academy is going well, only lacking the drug screen and a copy of my college transcript. I saw a psychologist last Friday for the psychological evaluation for the Academy. He said, (and I quote) “I wish there were more people in law enforcement with your psychological profile. You are a very well round individual, and in all years I’ve been doing this, this the easiest and willingness I’ve wanted to sign off on someone’s TCLEOSE form. Psychologically, you will make an outstanding police officer.” Looks like while I may be into guns, I’m not much of a nut after all.

The psych eval consisted of 3 parts, a 568 question test (the MMPI-2 to be specific), a sentence completion worksheet, and a one on one interview with the psychologist. The MMPI help sets the psychological profile for the applicant (in this case, me), and the sentence completion worksheet and interview basically round out and complete it. Also, the worksheet and interview also serve as a sort of checks and balance system against the MMPI. Since it is a written test, it’s easy to lie on it and try to make yourself better than you appear, even though the MMPI does have a sort of built-in checks system, it’s by no means fool-proof. The sentence completion worksheet basically makes sure you can write a complete sentence and determines what kind of person you are (self-centered, thinking of others, etc). The interview is to help match up the MMPI and make sure you didn’t overly lie on it. During one part of the interview, the psychologist said, now, used to, I’d try to determine if the applicant is mentally fit to carry and use a weapon during the line of duty, however, with the less restrictive gun laws these days, they’ve made my job much easier by making them more accessible to those who can legally purchase one. I quipped with, well sir, I’ve got a pistol in the glovebox of my car right now. He smiled and said see, there ya go.

Anyway, based on my interview, he said my MMPI profile is pretty much spot on with how I am mentally, and that for LE work, it’s an exceptional profile. One thing he did talk about though,which I find interesting, is that a person who are interested in police work has a certain kind of psych profile. Like he said, it’s just the way it works out. People interested in police work tend to be extroverts, be somewhat ego maniacs, less in touch with their feminine side, and not psychological deviant, meaning, they like to stay in the box.

And he said for me, there are somethings that I am in the average on, but that of the most important things that matter, I’m more towards normal human male, which to him, is a good thing. He said that my “ego score” was high, but coupled with my interview and my sentence worksheet, it’s because I am self-confident and have very high self-esteem, not because I have an ego. My “outgoingness” score was on the bottom side of LE average, which, he said is a good thing, meaning I’ll be able to leave people alone when they want to be left alone. My feminine score was far above the LE average, but again, good thing. Why? Because he said it means I’m more willing to respect people I meet, as opposed to taking a macho attitude and looking down on them. It doesn’t mean I’m gay, a metrosexual, cross dresser, or anything of those sorts, it just means I’m in touch with my feminine side. Feminine by MMPI standards means stuff like the arts (music, theater, art), cooking, or taking care of things, like plants or pets. Another thing way above the LE average (which is like 25% – 27%), and just above the normal male average too (which is 50%), was my psychological deviance score (mine was a 52%). That doesn’t mean I’m evil, or a serial killer, it just means I tend to march to the beat of my own drum, as opposed to following what everyone else is doing. This also includes stuff like following the rules. But again, he said this is something in my favor, because following the rules far too closely can be just as harmful breaking all of the rules. He also said it means I’m more willing to go with a by line of “officer discretion” when it comes to stuff like choosing between give a citation and warning, which in addition the whole “feminine respect” aspect, can mean I’ll have more people respect me as a cop than if I just gave out citations all the time, which is better for the community.

I’m going to try to get back to updating more often than I have. I won’t be able to get back to the once a day like I should be doing just yet, but, it’ll be a lot more frequent than it has been.

4 Responses to “I know, I know”

  1. Jay,

    Glad to hear you are normal — or at least as normals cops and wanna be cops can be :)

    Seriously, that is good news and I’ll keep you in my prayers.

    Post when you can, we’ll be here to read.

  2. Glad you’re on our side. :-)

  3. Holy crap.

    I decided not too long ago that I wanted to be a cop, and that the first step would be to get into shape.

    So I put together my own program using, get this, onehundredpushups.com, twohundredsitups.com, and the Couch to 5k running program. (Which is going well, by the way). And then I’m googling to find new mp3’s for the Couch to 5k and HOLY CRAP, I find this blog.


  4. […] Psychological and Emotional Health – Yet another TCLEOSE form. I’ve already blogged about it here, so if you don’t mind, I’m not going to repeat myself. Completion was fairly easy, the […]

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