Random Images

Random pictures I’ve taken over the last couple of days. I love photography, but rarely get to amuse myself in it. So, today, I shall amuse myself. Picture, followed by caption.

There is a Food Blogger Bash for Pete’s sake, but not a Gun Blogger Round Up. I hope Hsoi and Gun Geek’s thing with their range is going well. We can’t allow this injustice to continue!

New kind of ammo my Wally World is carrying. It’s RWS, made in Switzerland. The proof marks are German Nitro proof marks. I have the same proof marks on my H&K USP.

Front of the box above. Obviously, it’s 124 grn 9mm. It was reasonably priced compared to other 9mm ammo, like WWB. I believe a box of 50 was like $14 something.

Well hello there. I literally unloaded it from the truck, gingerly set it on the pallet, and snapped that picture. I got in trouble for taking said picture, so, I hope you appreciate it. ;)

I know it has the logo on the bottom face for their shotgun ammo, but it wasn’t shotgun ammo. How can I be so sure?

As pictured, it was 5 boxes of WWB 100 round Value Pak .38 Special and 2 boxes of WWB 100 round Value Pak .45 auto. As I’m sure you gathered from the pictures, I stocked the shelves with said 7 boxes of ammo. You can also see just how many boxes of that RWS 9mm Luger is in stock.

2 Responses to “Random Images”

  1. We’re talking and have some good ideas. The trouble right now appears to be scheduling. We’re working on it. We’ll make things more public once we have something workable.

    With the other pictures are you trying to say you’re going to be my “inside source” to getting ammo fresh off the truck? ;-)

  2. Sure, as long as your of legal age and can legally have ammunition. ;)

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