Hot Brass

Thanks for the b-day wishes and emails!

Instead of going to work like I was scheduled to do, I played hooky and called in “sick”. The New Girl and I went shooting, where she made a discovery. You see, she wore jeans, boots, a ball cap, and a rather loose-fitting low-cut top. I told her the top, while I think it looked pretty, wasn’t well suited for shooting. But what do I know right?

All was going well, as she made mention of (she gloated to me “I told you it wouldn’t be a problem, but nooooooo!”). I was about out of the ammo I brought to shoot, just had a box of .25 to go through before we would call it quits. We both shot a mag each through my 1908 VP just fine. Well, I loaded up another mag, gave it to her, and she went to shoot it. First round, no problem. Second round, no problem. Third round, no problem. Fourth round, problem.

The fourth round shot fine, but at that exact moment, the extractor decided it didn’t like me and broke. Her discovery was when said extractor broke, the empty shell went straight back and down said loose-fitting, low-cut top. You have to give her credit though, she didn’t just drop the gun and run. She gave it to me first, then started messing with her garments (in a rather hasty manner) to get that shell out. Eventually she did, but it was my fault the extractor broke.

My discovery? On a quick search of Al Gore’s Geocities Interwebz, parts are hard to find for the 1908 VP. Oh well. I’m sure I’ll come across one eventually.


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