Texas Gun Blog Round up!

Yes, I came up with the corniest name on purpose.

I’m going to be off on Friday, and want to call around my area and the Austin area to see what I can find out the possibility of getting this set up.

Yes, my grandparent’s place is out. With the rain (and subsequent mud) and the hogs, the pasture is all tore up and pretty much inaccessible and wouldn’t be a good place to hang out.

But before I spend the day calling every place imaginable…

How many people can we reasonably expect? Obviously it should be open to both bloggers and readers. I know there is a difference between people saying “sure I’ll be there” and people actually registering, but a good guess would help when I call. 20? 30? 100?

Rifle and pistol range or pistol only? I’d love to have it where we could shoot both (since I’ve never shot an AR), but we’d cutting out a lot of places in the process.


8 Responses to “Texas Gun Blog Round up!”

  1. Greetings from Falls County,
    I would love to attend this The Texas Gun Blog Round Up! and think it’s a great name. I will be honest and say my attendence will depend on timing, funding and work. Let me know when. Rifle and handgun would be prefered but as you say that cuts down on possable sites.
    AR’s are fine in their place. The question is have you ever fired an M-1 Garand?

    • Yep! Once about 5 years ago. The M1 belonged to a friend of my Dad’s. It was funny. It was Dad, his friend, friend’s son, and me. I knew about the ‘last round fired clip ejects”, and friend’s son didn’t. When it went “ping!”, friend’s son dropped it and went running in the other direction.

  2. HSOI and I are cooking something like this up for the A-Zone Range. Likely April ish time frame to get it organized and scheduled.

  3. Jay,

    Would love to be able to make it down from DFW this weekend but the stars just aren’t lining up.

    • It wouldn’t happen this weekend, I’ve got work on Sunday (11 a.m. to 8 p.m.).

      However, if you still want to pop down to Austin one weekend, certainly give me a shout.

      • Oh, Yes!

        With enough advanced planning I can get a kitchen pass from the Missus or convince that a weekend in Austin is the thing to do.

  4. Obviously today’s out, just got off work, but I’m definitely interested in a future round-up

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