Academy, pt 2

As a continuation of the previous bleg, I’m looking at why anti’s believe cops should be the only ones to have firearms, and the logic of why they are wrong.

The previous bleg in a nutshell is the requirements to start the police academy aren’t that hard, and while a LEO may have hundreds and hundreds of hours of training, only a handful or so actually deal with firearms and their usage.

Now, antis love to say that “police officers are trained by the government (or other organization here) to carry a firearm”. Simply put, this isn’t the truth. When I was in the Academy, I wasn’t trained by people who worked for the State or Federal government. The same for other Academies else where. Even in city run departments, the instructors are employed by the city, not the State or Federal gov.

What you have is a situation where an Academy has certified instructors to teach the Cadets. These instructors are certified by TCLEOSE to run an Academy. The instructors could be employed by anyone, from a municipal police department to a private college.

Now, let’s look at other positions and licenses that allow you to carry firearms.

First, I’ll start with a hunting permit. It’s the easiest of the 3. You go up, buy your license, and you can hunt in Texas. What does this mean? Your allowed to carry a firearm and legally shoot animals per the rules and regulations (like hunting seasons, etc). Now, it does have it limitations as to where you can carry, which is pretty much only where you are going to be hunting.

Next, we have Level III security guards. To become a Level III security guard, you have to go through a weekend training class followed by firearms qualification. It’s a simple background check, similar to the 4473 checks, and no psychological exam. As a Level III security guard, you are authorized to OPEN CARRY where your security company is allowed to operate. However, it is open carry only. A Level III security guard certification won’t allow you to carry concealed. So, if you’re a Level III and working an apartment complex, you can’t leave the property of said apartment complex. Now, Level IIIs do come with some major stipulations, such as you can’t legally force anyone to leave a place where they legally can be, you can’t detain people, you can’t demand verification of I.D., so forth and so on. Basically, you stand there and look cool with a pistol strapped to your belt. When it comes to shooting situations, it’s similar to CHL holders, which is only in defense of yourself or others. Like LE academies, you aren’t taught by the government but by someone who is certified to teach you.

Lastly, is the CHL, or Concealed Handgun License. It’s easy as well. The training lasts a day, followed by qualification. You can legally carry where you want, except for designated restricted places. You can carry concealed only, no open carry.

So, with those 3, like a police officer, you are licensed and/or certified by the Government of the State of Texas to carry a firearm. Yes, antis, all 3, 4 including LEO, are licenses and/or certification given by the State of Texas.

A cop is licensed by the state to carry a firearm.

A hunter is licensed by the state to carry a firearm.

A CHL holder is licensed by the state to carry a firearm.

A Level III security guard is licensed by the state to carry a firearm.

Where is the difference between a cop and a CHL? You can argue training, but as I’ve already said previously, little time actually deals with firearms. You can argue psychological examination. However, as proven in the past, psych exams aren’t foolproof. They can be beaten and fool even some of the best in the psych field. You could argue firearms qualification, but the last time I checked, a CHL’s qualification is harder than that of a LEO.

That is why I push for less carry restrictions for CHL holders. Because in the end, there isn’t any real difference at all.


3 Responses to “Academy, pt 2”

  1. Greetings from Falls County,
    I would point out one other situation, those who live in the bonnies. The law used to require that if I had a problem on HomePlace I had to call the Falls County Sheriff’s Office. Perhaps they still do.

    We live three miles from Bremond, Texas on Hwy. 14 but they are across the line in Robinson County.

    Going the other way on Hwy. 14 Kosse, Texas is eight miles away but they are Limestone County.

    We are in the eastern most corner of Falls County and in most cases the Deputies that would respond to us are somewhere near Marlin, Texas which is about 26 miles away. I don’t know that you can drive from HomePlace to Marlin without leaving Falls County and coming back in.

    One of the young Deputies once told me if he was on the right side of Marlin he could make it in 13 oe 14 minutes. He also agreeded that a hell of a lot of damage and viloence could be done in that 13 to 14 minutes. And this is if I am at the house to call. Cell phones don’t work out here.

    How do we handle the problem? I don’t point guns or threaten people, but in the 10 years I have lived here everyone I’ve met in the drive way I have been wearing a handgun and often carrying a rifle, or a shotgun in the bargin. I never call attention to them, only acknowlege their presents if mentioned. Word has gotten around and the bad boys (and girls) know there are easier pickin’s elsewhere.

    We have still had problems with prowlers and theift but not near what is normal for the area. If the anti-gun croud got their way HomePlace would have been stripped clean years ago.

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