Poll on the news

I was watching News8 Austin this morning, and the topic of today’s news was obviously the plane crash in the IRS building that happened yesterday.

The news anchor said there was a poll on News8 Austin’s website, asking “Do you think yesterdays incident was an act of terrorism?”

The answer is obvious. It wasn’t terrorism, just an AWB (angry white boy).

I believe that is where we will eventually lose our rights. I’m not saying our rights will be lost all at once, but They will chip at them until there is nothing left. It will be done in the name of security against terrorism and terroristic acts. That is why I am glad to see the poll News8 Austin put up was over if it was terrorism or not. Because since 9/11, every time something bad like this happens, the knee-jerk reaction of everyone is it’s terrorism! Do we need to be vigilante against terrorist attacks? Of course! But, the first thing we need to do is do the investigation, step back and look at the whole picture, and make the decision.

As I said earlier, I don’t believe it was a terrorist attack, simply because the guy was suicidial. I’ve never heard of a terrorist leaving a suicide note.


One Response to “Poll on the news”

  1. Greetings from Falls County,
    The only reason to call this terrorism would be to exploit the incident. There are folks out there that hate the freedom and mobility of light planes as much as anti-gunners hate firearms and those of us that champion them. Like firearms, general aviation is cursed by folks who have no idea what they are talking about dreaming up regulations to keep the “dangerious nuts in the small planes” in check.
    The Piper Cheerokee is a poor choice for such a mission. It carries 70 some gallons of fuel max (the burning jet fuel did much of the dammage on 9/11) and there is no indication the man had loaded up the plane with other explosives. The fact that he burned his house before going to the airport shows he wanted to destroy anything of value the IRS could take. He had nothing to loose and wasn’t leaving anything behind.
    I know nothing of the man beyond this incident but he, his family and his victums will be in my prayers.

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