Man Arrested After Confronting Deputy At His Home

In a nutshell:

Investigators said Yacovone was stopped while riding his bicycle in Fredrickson at about 3:30 a.m. on Feb. 9 by a sheriff’s deputy identified only as M. Smith.

Yacovone allegedly told Smith he was a hatchet, meaning a member of the street gang the Juggalos.

Smith reported noticing the smell of alcohol, cited Yacovone for being a minor in possession and released him, according to the documents.

Yacovone later told friends a very different story saying he was angry with Smith and was going to find him. He also told friends that the deputy took his money.

According to court documents, Yacovone showed up at Smith’s house later that same day and walked toward him angry and aggressive. He allegedly yelled as the deputy stood near his patrol car “What’s up cuz, you’re the cop that arrested me last night.”

Smith told Yacovone to leave his property, but he allegedly refused, demanded his money and said “This is f***** up stopping me for no reason,” according to court documents.

Investigators said at that point, “Deputy Smith, who had taken a safe position behind the door of his car, pointed his rifle at Yacovone and again ordered him to leave, but Yacovone still refused.”

With the rifle pointed at him, Yacovone finally walked away telling Smith he was going to make it “personal,” the documents stated.

Yacovone was arrested a short time later.

Link to story.

I bet you if that happened in Texas, the headline would’ve been: “Deputy shot and killed suspect, Grand Jury no bills Deputy on the spot”.

And people wonder why Texas is such a popular state…


2 Responses to “News”

  1. Greetings from Falls County,
    This had to have happened in California!

  2. This incident happened in the state of Washington.

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