Read in the local paper this morning, a group of citizens in My Town are lobbying a complaint to the city council against the police department. They said that since the police department switched to long sleeve uniform tops and “Delta Force Tactical style pants”, it makes the police officers look like soldiers of an occupying force, not police officers. Something to note here, EMS and Firefighters (on duty, not in bunker gear) wear the same exact pants.

Rather than worry about work efficiency in LE, they’re too worried about the fact that the local cops look overly intimidating.

 The changes they want to make are make the department switch to short sleeve uniforms, change the pants to more traditional uniform pants (basically a heavy-duty pair of Dockers), and change the uniform color from black to the “common law enforcement color of navy blue”. They want to ban: combat style boots, carrying their firearms “cocked and locked” (yes it actually says this), and the use of “military jargon, commonly referred to as 10 codes and the phonetic alphabet”.

Nevermind the fact that with all the public service departments wearing the same kind and color pants, it saves the city money by making bulk purchases. Nevermind the fact that the cops are wearing long sleeves because it has been cold. Nevermind the fact that they were combat boots because they are more comfy than wearing dress shoes. Nevermind the fact that 10 codes and a phonetic alphabet are actually useful for conveying information in a quick and useful way. Nevermind the fact that cops in My Town have been wearing black for the last 20 some-odd years.

I seriously think some people complain just to complain.

4 Responses to “Children?”

  1. You just don’t understand what’s “right”. One day you WILL drink the kool-aides and then you will receive enlightenment and understand you will.

    It is more important for sheep to Feel then to Be.

    Feel safe not be safe. Feel important not be important. Feel heard not be a herd.

  2. Buy them a 4 week vacation to England.

    The cops there dress and act like the good citizens would prefer.

    If the good citizens of your city survives a four week stay in Jolly Ole England, maybe they will change their minds.

  3. It’s not about logic, it’s about feelings.

    Welcome to the ever-continuing Wussification of America™.

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