Academy Venting

I went to Academy yesterday to see what they had for ammo and DAO pistols for the police academy (yes, I’m still agonizing over that), and happened to hear something that was appalling in more ways than one.

A gentleman in his late 30s was buying a Sig Sauer P220, and asking the salesman a bunch of questions about the process. One question he asked in particular made me perk up and pay attention. This is the question and answer:

Buyer: Will I be able to take the pistol home today?

Academy Salesman: No sir. We can’t just give you the pistol. By law, we have to wait a mandatory 3 business days before we can give it to you. It’s not a store policy, but a law we have to follow.

As soon as the salesman said that, I about fell over.

For my readers who don’t live in Texas, we don’t have a mandatory waiting period. It’s not like other states where you have to wait X number of days or weeks before you can get it. You wait as long as it takes for NCIC to do the background check, which is up to 3 business days.

And that is why I am pissed. I understand how they NCIC system works, but the salesman turned it around and made it sound like we have a mandatory waiting period here in Texas, which is deceitful. Not only that, but it may also falsely educate their customers into thinking they always have to wait 3 days, which simply isn’t true. Here in Texas, you wait until the background check is done, which could take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to 3 days.

I sent an email to Academy explaining what happened, and will post what they reply. The auto-generated reply I got said it could take anywhere from 1-2 business days.

I swear, we need gun people working gun counters, not some random guy who doesn’t know what Full Metal Jacket means. Yes, I’m serious on the FMJ thing. I told a sales guy I wanted “a 50 round box of .40 S&W Winchester Whitebox in Full Metal Jacket”, and he looked at me like I was the stupid one. He just stood there looking at the .40 cal ammo trying to figure out what I exactly I wanted. After a minute or two, he figured out Full Metal Jacket = FMJ and gave me the correct ammunition.

Maybe it’s time I do less business with Academy…


2 Responses to “Academy Venting”

  1. Great job on following up Jay,

    It’s one thing to vent, it’s another to act on it.

    An email to corporate might get more attention then contacting the manager, but it might backfire. Some Corporate REMFs might not know state law.

    Hope the blood pressure is down to near normal levels.

  2. You know the reason he was working the gun counter don’t you? The shoe department was overstaffed and he had been to the paperwork class.

    Some of the worst stories of bad gun handling as well as horrid gun advice come out of big box stores.

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