HD craze

Whats with the HD craze? Sure, I like watching HD television, but some times it just goes to far.

Case in point, everytime we get a new HD channel, Mom gets excited. But honestly, it gets overboard. Last night, we got Univision in HD. She was happy. I’m like, Mom, are you really going to watch Mexican television just because it’s in HD? No? I thought so.

Or like, last week, we got TBS in HD. A couple days ago, Mom walked in the living room and saw me watching TBS on the regular standard channel, not the fancy HD one. She asked why I wasn’t watching it in HD, and I said:

Mom, I’m watching Family Guy (freakin’ hilarious BTW), which is a cartoon. I seriously doubt Peter or Stewie is going to get any more lifelike on the HD channel, unless the Koreans have found a way to draw cartoons to be realistic like people.

Needless to say, that didn’t go over well.

I mean honestly, why would I want to see someone’s face as realistically as possible? In HD, most people who have had plastic surgery look like a Barbie or Ken. Sure, those fancy nature shows look awesome in HD, but why do I need to see every single pore on Stone Philips face?

More stuff I just don’t get.


One Response to “HD craze”

  1. I am way behind the times television quality wise.

    Our youngest tv is 15 years old. Still works, still produces acceptable picture, why change.

    I would like to get a larger screen someday (frakkin old age stinks) but have never been a tech junkie for the latest and greatest quality wise.

    I’m with ya Jay

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