Uncle Mike’s IWB holster review

A couple weeks ago, I saw one for $10 at Academy. I figured, what the hey, you can never have too many holsters. So, I picked it up for my Glock 23.

Honestly, I must say, it’s a rather good value for $10. The outside is a faux suede, while the inside is made of smooth nylon. The suede is petty grippy, and helps keep the holster anchored against your clothing and your skin.

However, it is just a basic holster. It’s not a custom fit, it’s one of those rough fit kinds, that fits a general size of gun. The one I bought is labeled as fitting “3 1/4 – 3 3/4 inch barrel medium and large autos”. Because of the “rough fit”, my Glock fits, but it’s not a 100% perfect fit. When I started wearing it, I could certainly feel that 2% difference. However, the more I wore it, the less I noticed it.

One problem I have with it, is reholstering. Drawing is nice and smooth, but the holster has no reinforcement at the mouth, so as soon as you draw, it collapses which makes it a two-handed process to reholster.

 Another problem is because of the faux suede, it has a tendency of making your skin hot and sweaty. That lead to a sweaty gross spot on my hip, and after a couple hours, I just had to take it off.

But for all the little problems, it excels at hiding a pistol. With a standard pair of cargo shorts and a regular t-shirt, it make the Glock disappear. I had no printing or tell-tale bulges while wearing it. One thing I did like about it compared to my Safariland, is the Safariland had a tendency to get kinda heavy after a while, even with a good quality belt. With the Uncle Mike’s, the second I slid it in the inside of my shorts and clipped it on, it felt very light. I actually double checked to make sure it was clipped on right. And when you consider I have a Glock 23 with 13 rounds of .40 cal power, not a pocket pistol 27, thats quite a feat, especially in simple shorts and a shirt.

I will finish this review on a negative, because it’s a big one. This holster has no retention. The pistol slips in, and the only thing holding it in is the pressure from your pants. I think the minor problem I had with not quite getting my Glock to sit right was because there is no retention. Uncle Mike’s does make a version with a velcro thumb break, and that would be the version to consider getting.

Overall, I think it’s a great buy at $10+tax. It’s perfect for a trip to the grocery store, to the gas station, or a run to Wally World. I’d rather not have to wear it for hours and hours on end, but for trips of an hour or so, it’s perfect. If you do decide to get it, make sure and get the version with the thumb break.


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