I’ve been getting absolutely covered in spam comments. Anyone else having a problem?


2 Responses to “Spam”

  1. I had to implement a spam filter to stop most of mine.

    I didn’t like it but I have about 75K in 9 months. Askimet and Captcha seem to be working well.

    Does it seem like it goes in waves to you? That if they find your place, then an avalanche follows.

    • Yep, I’ve noticed the thing about waves.

      I’ll go a week or two with only one or two spam comments, then have 10 or so in a single night.

      The last couple of nights have been really bad though. What sucks is there really isn’t a lot I can do spam filter wise, other than what I have set up now and Akismet.

      When someone posts, WP checks the I.P. of the poster and compares it to the approved poster list. If the I.P. has 1 approved post, it automatically will post and be shown. If it hasn’t been approved, it sits in the pending until I can review it.

      So for those who are the “long time reader, first time poster”, their comment will sit in the pending category until I get the chance to approve it. I think that sucks for them. The other problem, is I have to skim through every post in the pending category to moderate which ones are spam and which ones are real.

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