Sick, Day 2 Evening

I wasn’t going to say anything, but I’m in an ironic sort of mood. According to the Doctor, “Based on your symptoms, I’d say you’re a classic case of H1N1.” So, it would seem I have the ‘dreaded’ H1N1 flu.

And honestly, I don’t see what all the deal is. I don’t need to be in the hospital, am dying, or already dead. All the bad flu like symptoms lasted about a day and a half, and now, all I’ve got is a queasy stomach and a case of really bad gas. I am still a wee little achy, but have no fever.

According to the Doctor, I have to “self isolate” for a week from the onset of symptoms, meaning a week from yesterday. So, I get to spend a week of doing nothing but lying around on the couch and not talking to or seeing anyone. It sounds great, but I already can’t take another day of lying around doing nothing.

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