Gov. Rick Perry and a bunch of bloggers go shooting at Red’s Indoor Range.

Video here at Pajamas Media.

All is well right?

Not so much. None of the bloggers are gun bloggers. It’s all political-type/media bloggers who shoot firearms on the side, have shot occasionally, or are this is their first time shooting.

I mean sure, this gains a few bonus points in my book for the governor actually shooting, not to mention introducing a few new people into the world of shooting, but not a single gun blogger? How many do we have in this state? Pflugerville is only a little over and hour north of me, plus you’ve got Hsoi in Austin and TxGunGeek lives in the area. Not to mention that Pflugerville isn’t all that far from the bloggers who live in the DFW area (i.e. Bob S.).

 I don’t know, maybe I’m just jealous.

(H/T to SayUncle)


3 Responses to “What?”

  1. I’m definitely jealous!

    But, I know Perry’s quite a shooter. I remember reading some time ago about him visiting LaRue Tactical up in Leander and shooting MOA at their range.

    Considering my last governor, that won him my vote.

  2. I have 20 “gun bloggers” listed on my Texas Blog roll and I know that I am missing quiet a few.

    I’m glad he’s shooting, it is great political theater but that is all it is.

    Want to see him DOING something about our rights. Being the Governor means he has the Big Stick to get things moved; yet he doesn’t seem to break it out for our rights. Just to try to take more money from us.

  3. Robbie from UrbanGrounds:


    was at that event. I wouldn’t say Robbie’s a gun blogger; in fact, talking about guns is a very minor part of what he does blog about. But I know he’s a happy gun guy.

    In the end, Perry was putting on the political show. Having been somewhat involved in politics through most of my life, I know it’s a show. Still, a good show.

    And I got to learn that Perry’s personal carry gun (at least that day) was a Ruger LCP. :-)

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