Shipping ammo, pt 2

Simply put, it’s not the best alternative for an individual to ship ammunition.

To legally ship ammunition, you have to go through a DOT training class called 49 CFR, named after the statute discussing hazardous shipping.

 Once you have taken the class, your valid for 2 years before you have to attend a refresher.

The class by itself runs about $300+ and usually requires 2 days. I saw some programs you could buy for $100 to go the self taught method, but that seems kinda shady to me.

If your wanting to ship a lot of ammunition, it may be worth it. But for me, shipping a box of ammunition only once, it’s not worth it. I could spend that $300, drive up there, hand deliver it, have a nice day of shooting and hanging out, and come home.


One Response to “Shipping ammo, pt 2”

  1. Greetings From Falls County,
    I would have to be shipping a bunch of ammo to justify a $300.00 dollar corse. Believe I’ll follow your lead on this one.

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