Blind date – Date 2

I need to come up with a nickname for the Blind Date girl…..

Stating the obvious, the 2nd date went well, even though I didn’t think it would. She’s a big D Democrat, Liberal, the works, but has no opinion on firearms ownership, the RKBA, self defense, etc, and doesn’t see what the big deal is on firearms. I asked if she had any experience shooting, and she said she hadn’t, and never really wanted to.

Of course, the rest of the time I had planned went out the window after that. I decided I was going to take her shooting right then and there, so, we did. We drove to my parents, I picked up my shooting stuff, and we went shooting.

I don’t own anything in .22lr unfortunately. The 1908 VP in .25 auto is the smallest caliber I have, but it’s not good for training newbies on. So, I borrowed Dad’s P6 in 9mm since I thought it would be good for a newbie to learn on.

I taught her the 4 rules, showed her how the sights worked, the safeties worked, and gave her a pair of earplugs and a pair of shooting glasses. I shot it first to give her an idea of what to expect. She shot it next.

The recoil was greater than she expected and she almost dropped the pistol. According to her, I made “the recoil look like a cap gun” so she wasn’t aware of how bad it could be. I had only given her one round to shoot, so she came back and I loaded her a magazine with 2 rounds this time. With the slide locked back, I explained to her how to put a magazine in the pistol and rack the slide. She did it perfectly, and shot those 2 rounds. After her experience with the first shot, she was anticipating the recoil and it threw her aim off. I explained about anticipating the recoil, squeezing the trigger, and loaded another mag with 3 rounds. She shot that mag pretty well, but I could tell she was still anticipating the recoil. I loaded her next 2 mags with 2 rounds apiece, so she shot a total of 10 rounds. She was still anticipating the recoil, but was getting more confident with each shot. After her last mag of 2, she was done shooting for today.

She only broke the 4 rules twice, once was for accidently pointing the unloaded pistol at me and once for putting her finger on the trigger before she was ready to fire.

I shot up the last of the box of ammo I brought out and we went back. On the way back, she asked me a bunch of questions about shooting, firearms, and gun culture in general. She was amazed that I’d been shooting for about 15 years. I told her the reason I made the recoil “look like a cap gun” was practice. I told her the more she shot today, the more confident she was getting with each shot. She didn’t believe me, but it was true. I explained about self defense, why we (being gun owners) feel the way we do about it.

We came back to my parents, cleaned up, and I unloaded everything from my car. I took her home and gave her first target as a present. I had filled out the shooter info and firearm info (minus the serial number of course) for her, and signed it. I filled out the shooting event as “01/23/2010 Second Date with [my name]”. I told her if she ever wanted to do it again, all she had to do was ask, that I wouldn’t mind in the least bit.


2 Responses to “Blind date – Date 2”

  1. Greetings from Falls County,
    Sounds like that went pretty well. If you have access to any longarms you might let her try a rifle or shotgun next time out. My prefered long gun is a .22 rifle but from my Cowboy Action Shooting days I have my Winchester 1894 in .45 colt. Pistol caliber combined with carbine weight makes for pretty tame recoil.
    If you are shooting on private property pick up a six pack of cheap sodas. Punching holes in paper is one thing, but newbies love to see soda cans explode! Shooting the emptys can’t hold a candle to the full ones.
    For what it’s worth.

  2. Well, that sounds positive. :-)

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