Jay’s Solution to the Gov

I get complaints that I don’t discuss national politics, so here is my first foray…
We really need a viable, sustainable and winnable third-party in this country, actually, better yet two or three. Right now, a third-party vote is a wasted vote 98% of the time.

Our third-party attempts so far tend to overlap one of the main parties too much, or are so narrow sighted they don’t put together a comprehensive platform.

I am actually enjoying politics at the moment, rooting for the tea party movement to split the republican party or for the democrats to finally collapse under their own weight and diverse views. Anything at this point to moderate the government away from the fiddle while Rome burns, ultra conservatism, ultra socialism, welfare state extremes the parties strive towards.

The democrats needed a wakeup call and reigning in, and I think Brown getting voted in was a very good vote for people looking beyond their immediate borders. Obama got elected on a platform of change and of being willing to compromise. Instead, the democrats got handed a super majority and have run roughshod over the democratic process with back room deals and sledgehammer tactics. There has been no compromise, no bipartisanship and anything but change in business as usual.

Certainly no single party is responsible for this mess, as is no single person. Until we can get honest, fair representation from an overwhelming majority in government, a deadlocked government with no one party with overwhelming power is the best I can hope for. At least then nothing will get accomplished.

Thats my .20 pesos on the national government.

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