Going to San Marcos to ship a box of ammo to the previously mentioned gun blogger.

That being said, we need to start supporting UPS more. Fedex and the USPS won’t accept ammunition for shipping, even when it is properly labeled to the HAZMAT specs. UPS is the only way to send ammunition.

I’ll update even as to how it goes, hopefully smoothly.

Edit: Maybe not. The only places that will accept ammunition are the regional hubs from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. or by scheduling a pick up with a delivery driver. The stores are own by individuals, not the company, which the individual owners can say whether they want the liability of shipping ammunition or not. This is a lot more painful than I thought.


6 Responses to “Shipping”

  1. Whenever you get this completed, it’d be nice to have a write-up of the whole process and situation.

    I’ve wondered about shipping ammo (private individual to private individual) and what is involved, including what sorts of local laws may apply (e.g. shipping to someone in California).

  2. FedEx Express does accept ammunition if correctly marked, labeled, classified and packaged. You call call 1-800-gofedex and say “Dangerous Goods” for assistance.

    This is part of my responsibilities at FDX.


  3. Jay,

    I called and verifed with the DG Hotline 2 minutes before posting. Sorry for the confusion but we do accept 1.4s explosives which is the classification for cartridge, small arms (less than .50 cal or 8 gauge). If you get the same response again, ask for the agents name and provide it to me when you get a chance.



    • If you want, send me an email with a write up of how to ship ammo through fedex and I will post it. I personally prefer FedEx myself. My contact info is listed under contact to the right.

  4. send me your contact email at

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