I’m all for weird and parody shirts, but that took it just a little too far….

Edit: I reuploaded it. It should show up now.


2 Responses to “Shirt”

  1. Greetings from Falls County,
    I’m going to guess you just pulled the photo. It isn’t like you were endorsing it. I thought the girl was cute anyway.
    I too have seen shirts that I thought went too far, and or, were just in poor taste.
    When Matt was a teenager he got a t-shirt that was fairly offensive. Something about “I NEED MORE MONEY AND RESPECT AND LESS XXX FROM YOU PEOPLE”
    He knew better than to try to wear it to school but chose to wear it to a gunshow we were suppose to help a friend work behind his table. I suggested changing but he declined rudly. Matt ended up having to amuse himself around the show all day because the guy wouldn’t let him behind the table while wearing it.
    I could have given him the money to buy another shirt, but I didn’t want to interupt the lession he was learning.
    Yeah, I’m bad.

    • Howdy,

      Nope, I was draining too much bandwidth from the site I had it linked from, so I went ahead and hosted it myself. It should show up now.

      As I learned in Psychology from college, there are two ways you can learn things. Repeat them until you have it in muscle memory (i.e. how to shoot) or make it painful (i.e. burn yourself on the stove). Sometimes making it painful is the best way to learn.

      When I was 16 (sadly just 7 years ago…) I wore a shirt to school that said “I”m only here to check out the hot chicks.” My girlfriend at the time was offended and dumped me, while no one else (even the teachers) would acknowledge me all day long. My parents said it wasn’t a good idea for me to wear that shirt, but I was a teenager, and what did they know?

      After that, I promptly destroyed the shirt. Again, a painful lesson learned quickly.

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