Went on a successful blind date tonight. Much fun was had on both sides.

But, I had a thought. This is something I’ve posted on before, back when I met former The Girl’s parents.

When is it safe to tell someone you’re dating and interested in you are a gun nut, complete with a 1000 rounds of ammo in a caliber you don’t own (8mm Mauser, just because I might add), a soap box, and a gun blog to boot?

There is a second date for sure, so then? Or the third date?

I know last time the general consensus was wait until she brings it up along the lines of politics, but what if it never comes? Obviously you can’t say anything too soon or too late (imagine THAT honeymoon….”sorry babe, I need to check my gun blog real quick…”).

I was thinking some time past the 3rd date, say 4th or 5th. By then, I believe, you should have a pretty firm grasp on if it’ll turn into something serious or not.

I’ll probably start with being a gun owner, then slowly slide into everything else (ammo for a rifle I don’t own, gun blog, etc).


5 Responses to “Interesting”

  1. Greetings from Falls County,
    This is one I actually delt with a lot, and have written about in the past. I married late, so was in the dating game longer than most. Not as much fun as it sounds.
    When guns became a bad word and political correctness almost a reglion (have I mentioned I can’t spell – deal with it) things got tough. There was more than one girl stopped returning my calls when she discovered I was one of “those.” The folks Saint Sarah Brady warned them about.
    Most didn’t bother me, but a couple did.
    It used to be I didn’t bring up guns until or unless they did. I soon decided that was a mistake.
    When I met the lady who later became my wife I really liked her and decided if I was going to run her off I was going to do it fast. On our first date that wasn’t a group thing I took her to a range that rented sub-machineguns in Houston and checked her out on an Uzi. She loved it.
    I won’t say it didn’t give her pause for thought, she had never fired more than a .22 rifle in 4H. But she decided I wasn’t a nut and she was enjoying her self.
    The target with her picture holding the uzi in the corner didn’t hurt either. She was the only 4th. grade teacher at her school that had one. She wasn’t sure if the funniest reaction was from her students, fellow staff members or the parents.
    So, after much droning on getting the question out of the way early worked. She was grateful for my upfront approach.
    For what it’s worth. They don’t all react that way but the ones that do are worth knowing.

  2. Jay,

    Don’t discuss guns until you discuss philosophy or political leanings. Talk about the up coming elections….and why you’ll be voting for someone.

    I have found that useful in non-dating scenarios to help gauge someone’s mindset. If they are Obamanots, victim mentality, politically correct, etc — the chances are you aren’t going to get along with them anyways.

  3. Yall both make great points, and to be honest, I agree with both of yall.

    I’ll just see how the next date plays out.

  4. Given your situation with the police academy, you could always talk about that. Somehow it could be in the context of that… oh I need to go to the gun range to practice… hey want to come with?

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