Trips in the rain

Mom and I went to San Marcos today, even though it was raining. I left the house dressed in typical college student fashion, shorts, college of choice T-shirt, and flip-flops. It wasn’t raining that hard and wasn’t all that cold here where I live.

Lets just say, I was waaayyyy underdressed.

Anywho, these are the highlights.

Went to Wally World and picked my new glasses (yes, I wear glasses).  And wow, they are great. My old glasses prescription was 5 or 6 years old, and man, I can see. I got the kind with the clip on sunglasses too, so I’ll be able to have sun protection when I am working outside. However, like Mom ironically pointed out, on the day I get to finally wear sunglasses, it’s dark and rainy. Go figure.

Stopped by a friend of mine’s to pick up some ammunition. He bought some .380 auto thinking it was .308. Don’t ask me how he screwed it up, I just know I got a free box of ammo. I don’t have anything in .380 auto, so I’m giving it to a gun blogger here in Texas who has something in .380 auto and can put it to use.

I went to the UPS store, got it all boxed up, slapped on the shipping label, but ran into a problem. Ammo has to be shipped with a special label on it, which I didn’t have, and neither did the UPS store. So, you know who you are, I’m sorry I didn’t get it shipped today, but it’ll go out first thing on Monday.

Next was lunch, followed by a trip to Academy. I bought a new flashlight, a Texsport G.I. Style Angle Head Flashlight. The switch is a little temperamental between the flash-on-button and stay on, but other than that, it’s great. Wasn’t bad for $8. I also bought an Uncle Mike’s In-The-Pants holster for my Glock 23, for a whopping $9.95. I’ll have a review of it up soon.

However, at Academy, I decided to look through the ammo counter to see what they had. Not much by way of .40 S&W period, for either FMJ or JHP. More on ammo at Academy towards the end of this post.  I noticed above the behind-the-counter ammo counter a paper sign someone had typed up. It said:


9mm Makarov is
different than 9mm Luger!

I saw that, and almost died laughing. I picked up a box of “Winchester .45 FMJ”, and the sales guy didn’t understand FMJ. I mean seriously, if your going to have someone working the ammo counter, at least make sure they know the basic ammo types.

Anywho, on to what everyone wants to know….ammo situation.

Wally World had fully stocked shelves of WWB FMJ 50 round 9mm Luger, WWB FMJ 50 round .45 Auto, WWB JHP 50 round .40 S&W, and WWB JHP 50 round .357 sig. They had a couple boxes of Remington .25 auto, 2 boxes of Remington .32 auto, 4 boxes of Remington .380 auto, and a box of Remington .45 auto. All the Remington stuff was boxes of 50 in FMJ.

Academy had a crap load of Monarch in the following calibers: .25 auto (FMJ only), .32 auto (FMJ only), .380 auto (FMJ or JHP), 9mm Luger (FMJ only). I’m talking 20 boxes+ in each caliber. So, if you want .380 auto ammo, Academy in San Marcos is the place to go, and the .380 was reasonable too, only $13.95 for a box of FMJ, $16.95 for a box of JHP.

And, in Police Academy news……

I wrote a letter and gave said letter to the local police chief (remember, I live in a town of ~5000 people with ~15 total sworn officers) to see if they (the police department) will sponsor me, either fully or partially, to go through the police academy. If they sponsor me in full, it means I don’t have to pay for a single thing. If they sponsor me partially, they cover part of the expenses, and I cover the rest. Which, honestly, I don’t care either way on full or partial, I just want the sponsorship, and here’s why.

If they sponsor me to go through the Academy, either in full or partially, I have to agree to work for them for a set number of years (typically 3). This means I am guarenteed to have a job as soon as I get out of the Academy. No job searches, painful interviews, etc. Plus, if they do sponsor me either way, that’s less money out of my pocket.

So, fingers crossed. I don’t know when I’ll hear something, but hopefully it’ll be sooner than later.


3 Responses to “Trips in the rain”

  1. I saw that, and almost died laughing. I picked up a box of “Winchester .45 FMJ”, and the sales guy didn’t understand FMJ. I mean seriously, if your going to have someone working the ammo counter, at least make sure they know the basic ammo types.

    They’re working the gun counter because there were extra people in shoes and know how to fill out paperwork. Don’t laugh too much because it really is true at least at Acadamy.

  2. i feel your pain, often i am offered 38 spl or 380 auto , instead of 38 Super! I hate that they dont know what ammo i am asking for, i would feel better if they would just say we dont have any of that caliber instead of being offered the wrong ammo. On another note i noticed that Cabelas has the 38 super ammo behind the counter, instead of on the shelfs out front, and i like that, but wish they would put a sign up that said ask for 38 super.

    yes the saga of having an odd caliber, but damn it i love my Colt 38 super!

  3. It’s the same at Wally World in Bryan with a couple of the folks. At least they know my son, Matt, and I well enough to admitt they don’t know and ask. They have even flagged us down for other customers. The one thing they can’t do is let us behind the counter, store rules.

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