Since I joined the police academy, and started visiting cops forums/forum sections, I really pay attention to the threads about LODD (Line Of Duty Deaths).

I did some searching to see how many officers have been killed in the line of duty this year, and believe it or not, we are up to 10:

  • Gunfire: 4
  • Automobile Accident: 3
  • Vehicular Assault: 2
  • Motorcycle Accident: 1

But, to make things worse, there were 10 officers killed in the entire month of January 2009.

We still have another 17 days left in this month, sadly.

However, the point in all of this, is cops are human too. They breath, bleed, and feel emotions like you, me, or anyone else. So then why do the antis put so much faith in police officers to rescue them and “Save the Day”?

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