Wipes Review

In the 3rd time of this blog, I present to you, a review!

Today, I am reviewing these:

I got these for christmas, and have been using them over the last few weeks. And I must say, they are very handy.

They come in a roll, like those Lysol Disinfecting wipes. You simply tear off a sheet, use it, then throw it away. You get 50 3″ x 5″ wipes in one container.

Around this time of the year, Dad and I break out all the guns stored in the safe, function test them, and wipe them down with oil. In the past, it was a pain in the butt, because we had to use gun rags and a bottle of oil. The oil got everywhere, even used sparingly, and it quickly became a mess. This time though, it was a snap.

However, I’ve used them on a lot of other things then firearms. It worked wonders cleaning my deer hunting knife, my Shakespeare reel, and the hardware on one of my great-grandfather’s old parkas.

The one problem I have, is sometimes there is simply too much oil in the wipe. When I was cleaning my Shakespeare reel, I had issues with sometimes getting too much oil in some of the finer parts.

I can’t comment on cost, since I got them as a gift.

Overall: 4.5 out of 5


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