RE: Debate

I watched the debate, and took these opinions away:

Perry kept avoiding the questions and repeating himself. It was like listening to him repeating his TV ads, especially on economy and creating jobs. His answers would vaguely touch the answer, then that was it. He loved to drag Kay Bailey through the mud, saying how she’s spent all this time at Washington.

Debra Medina, the RN, seems a little out of touch. I loved how she kept referring to the Constitution. I thought that was a plus, until we got to the RKBA. She said talked about “removing gun registrations”. After that, I kinda tuned her out. Not someone I want defending RKBA, if she doesn’t realize we don’t have gun registration in Texas. Another thing, was her approach of “since the war on drugs isn’t going well, then let’s let the citizens vote and see if they want to legalize them or not”. Um, no thanks.

Kay Bailey really loved to drag Perry over the coals, talking about what he’s done, etc. However, she really didn’t tell the complete story, just what she wanted people to think. She was good at it, convincing even, but if you saw through it, it all fell down. What was nice, was on the abortion issue. She didn’t flat answer the question, and one moderator basically asked, yes or no? I enjoyed how she said Perry got us in this 17 billion dollar deficit, and how was he going to get us out of it, and he flatly said, I did it in 2003, and I can do it again.

If you missed it, you can watch it here:

Honestly, I really don’t like any of the 3. Perry kept dancing around the questions, even flat out bashed the Dallas Morning Star (I believe thats the name), and quoting articles and stuff about what he’s done. Medina is out of touch, and I hate her policy on the war on drugs. Bailey didn’t tell the whole story, just enough to make Perry look bad, which seemed to be her goal.


3 Responses to “RE: Debate”

  1. Jay

    Out of the 3, if you were forced to, who would you vote for?

    Thanks for the link to the debate. I missed it last night due to a board meeting for our gun club.

    • Well,

      Medina is out. I had high hopes for her in the beginning, but with her lack of understanding of the firearms process (removing gun registrations) and the war on drugs (can’t beat it, let the citizens legalize it).

      Kay Bailey and Perry are about the same. Perry wouldn’t give a direct answer, and Kay Bailey wasn’t telling the whole story, even though she said “we are going down the path and will wind up like California in a few years”, which, I don’t see that happening.

      Anyway, if I had to vote tomorrow, I’d vote for Perry. While his track record isn’t the best or the greatest, I’d feel better with him over Kay Bailey.

  2. Greetings from Falls County,
    It will come as no great surprise to anyone who knows, or reads me that my hot buttons are gun rights and property rights. Having said that, I tend to vote against candidates opponents than for the candidates. Is that confusing?
    I have voted for Kay Bailey for years not. Not because I trust her or thinks she is that concerned for my well being. She ran against people who were openly anti-gun.
    Perry is so so on the firearms issue. No clear winner there. He has no regard for private property rights at all.
    For that reason I will probably continue to support Kay Bailey, wishing there was a better choice.
    Like I told Zack on THE NEXT CHAPTER, Pray for Texas!

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