I read gun bloggers talk about single parent homes (mothers especially), poor families, and other such situations, and it got me thinking, what is out there for cheap, reliable, dependable, and fairly accurate pistols?

Everytime I visit a gun shop’s site, GunBroker, etc, I see what I can find with the following guidelines:

  • $325 or less (including taxes)
  • Fairly good quality manufacturer
  • Something I’d be willing to bet my life on

And sadly, it’s not much. I’m looking at my list, and other than the occasional used Glocks and used Berettas, it’s mainly Bersas, Kel-tecs, and older Colts (1908 Vest Pockets and 1903 Pocket Hammerlesses).

So then the question that bears asking, why are only those who have some bills to drop on a pistol have a nice wide choice of pistols to choose from? With another $100 or so, there were a few different options open, such as BNIB Glocks, BNIB XDs, etc. Yes, you read that correctly, BRAND NEW pistols.

But, many on tight incomes, living month to month, don’t have those options. If they wanted to defend themselves and their homes, they have slim pickings. And to make things worse, there isn’t much anyone can do to help the situation.

7 Responses to “Cheap?”

  1. Jay,

    I bought one of the lower end — next to cheapest — handguns out there – Taurus’ Millennium Pro.

    There is the S&W Sigma, Hi-points in addition to the Kel-Tecs and Bersas

    I would recommend a shotgun instead of a handgun for single mothers for home defense.

    The reason there are so few options? Racism and the efforts of Control advocates.

    Control Advocates dont’ want people owning and carrying guns – pricing them out of availability is there incremental approach to doing so

  2. If what you’re talking about is home defense, you can pick up a pump shotgun fairly inexpensively.

    Consider as well something like a Hi-Point carbine. They’re not terribly expensive, it’ll work for home-defense AND they’re not going to be as brutal or intimidating to shoot as a shotgun. If part of shooting is ensuring you practice so you’re proficient with the firearm, it’s better to pick something you’re happy to shoot… if the shotgun is too much, too painful, a Hi-Point Carbine may be the ticket.

  3. Greetings from Falls County,
    Hsoi beat me to it. Folks looking for a self defense weapon cheap are generally not experienced shooters. I try to point them at pump or double barrel shotguns. Carbines are also good.
    What used to annoy me was people who could afford a good weapon but seem to think they should get a weapon for less than $100.00. My next question was usually “Ok, what’s your life worth?”

  4. I must say, while I generally agree with the comments about money and your life, some people just do not have the money. And sometimes they may need something right now and just cannot save up for it… some woman’s stalker or violent ex husband/boyfriend cannot wait a systematic few months to save up, you know?

    What changed my attitude about it was James Rummel over at Hell In a Handbasket:

    James does a lot of work with folks that just don’t have a lot of money. Reading his blog has given me a different perspective on things. Granted it’d be nice if we could all have home-defense AR-15’s and the training to go with it, but sometimes that’s just not feasible. Something’s better than nothing.

  5. Some years ago I had a mother and daughter in the story telling guild, both divorced and on their own, approach me about home defense. They were anti gun but needed something. I had them meet me at a Houston mall and we went to the knife store (don’t recall the name). They left with two cold steel double headed axes! They liked them better than the short spears I suggested.
    About a month later I saw them at the next meeting. The daughter came over to my wife and I all excited. A few days after they got their ‘battle axes’ she had heard a noise in the night and got up to invistigate. Not finding anything she stopped by the bathroom on the way back to bed. She said the sight of herself in the mirror with bed hair, no makeup and carrying that axe caused her to scream bloody murder. She thought any intruder that saw her would probably bail out the window no matter what floor she lived on.

  6. Colt 1903 pocket hammerless for less than $325? I’d like one, please! Where are you seeing these?

    • Last gunshow I was at that they them for $330.

      I’ve seen a handful in very good condition sell on for $300-$350.

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