Forgot to update….

I weighed myself before my initial test yesterday, and forgot to include it in my post.

Every Thursday, I’ll weigh myself and post what my current weight is as part of my exercise posts.

My weight yesterday was 221.4 lbs. What will it be in a week? We shall see…

3 Responses to “Oops…”

  1. You might want to consider taking some other measurements too. For instance, tape measure around various body parts (waist, hips, arms, neck, thigh, etc.). If you can get a set of calipers, take some body fat measurements too. As well, take some pictures of yourself in front of a mirror. No… this isn’t all for us to see, but it’s more a matter of you being able to better track your progress.

    I get the feeling by posting weight you’re wanting to lose some (and then, losing fat). But with the exercise routine you’re posting you’ll probably also gain some muscle. Thus, going on weight alone may not be enough of an indicator and could even at times be de-motivating. You might see your weight not moving in the desired direction, when in fact you may be. You might have lost 3 pounds of fat but gained 3 pounds of muscle… the scales won’t show that, but other measures should.

    Good luck with the exercise routine!

    • I took measurements and pictures, but didn’t post them. I will update with gains or losses compared to my base measurements with my weight posts.

      I’ll lose weight initially, then gain some weight back because of muscle mass, like you said.

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